Isuzu D-MAX Seat Covers for Sale

Looking for the best seat covers for your Isuzu D-MAX? Look no further than The Wetseat: your home to Isuzu seat covers — or any cover you need for whatever car make or model you drive. At The Wetseat, we have a range of car seat covers for your Isuzu D-MAX that look indistinguishable from what they’re covering. Think of them as water- and dirt-resistant skin suits that will not only keep nasties away from your original seats, but keep your car in mint condition — without changing its appearance!

Our Range of Isuzu D-MAX Seat Covers

How many different car seat covers do you need in your Isuzu D’MAX — and what types are you after? At The Wetseat, we have seat covers for your Isuzu D-Max single cabs, plus your space cab and dual cab models, available in neoprene, canvas and denim. Let’s have a look at your options.

Back-Seat Bundles

Almost all cars have multiple seats, so why buy only one seat cover? Save with our smart bundles, which consist of a pair of front seat covers, Isuzu D-MAX rear seat covers, and a console lid cover, which we throw in as a neat little bonus! Compatible with your airbag setup, these seat covers not only mimic the original design of the Isuzu D-MAX seats but they also allow you access to the fold-out armrest. Whether you’re looking for Isuzu D-MAX 2020 seat covers, Isuzu D-MAX 2023 seat covers or any year in between, these neoprene seat covers are up-to-date and ideal for the back of your car.

Front-Seat Coverage

Every driver and front-seat passenger deserves the freedom to be a little messy, and our Isuzu D-MAX car seat covers are there to provide that freedom. Made from automotive-grade neoprene with a sharkskin-embossed rubber backing, these Isuzu D-MAX X-Terrain seat covers are up to 2.7mm thick, protecting your vehicle from dirt, debris, sand or crumbs. When you choose neoprene seat covers for your Isuzu D-MAX, you also get to choose your stitching colour — be it black, charcoal, red, orange, blue or white.

Want Isuzu D-MAX heavy-duty seat covers? You may prefer their canvas or denim designs. Available in black or grey, these Isuzu D-MAX water-resistant seat covers are 100% Australian-made. The denim option includes a polyurethane foam backing.

Console Lid Covers

Do you already have your seats covered? You can also buy a sole console lid cover — to not only provide protection but also to make it uniform with the rest of your Isuzu D-MAX seat covers. At The Wetseat, we prioritise protection and streamline it with your car’s design. Are you ready to get started with the best seat covers for your Isuzu D’MAX?

Buy Car Seat Covers for Your Isuzu D-MAX!

Whether you want Isuzu D-MAX 2021 seat covers, Isuzu D-MAX 2022 seat covers or something more up-to-the-minute, The Wetseat has what you need to protect your beloved vehicle from sand, soil, dirt, debris or other nasties you may pick up along the way while travelling off-road. To preserve your seats without altering their appearance, shop our range of Isuzu DMAX seat covers for sale at The Wetseat. You’ll be glad you did!

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