Water-Resistant Car Seat Covers in Australia

If you want to preserve your Toyota, seat covers offer genuine protection of interiors. They act as a barrier against spills, stains, dirt, and everyday wear and tear, keeping your seats looking like new for longer. These covers are especially beneficial for those with active lifestyles or families with children and pets. You can rest assured knowing that no matter what your next adventure is, your car will be clean and protected with the one and only Wetseat car seat covers.

A Breakdown of Our Water-Resistant Seat Covers

At The Wetseat, we have canvas, denim and neoprene seat covers specifically designed for Australia’s tricky climate. These are durable and weather-resistant, and offer a snug and form-fitting design. Our patterns take into account vehicle model, year, series and body type, ensuring that you get the perfect fit every time — no matter if you need rav4 seat covers, hilux seat covers or even landcruiser 300 seat covers. The Wetseat’s range of seat covers are 100% vehicle-specific and, where possible, emulate as much of the original seat’s panelling. All covers will cater for side seat airbags, lumber supports, dump levers, fold-out armrests, split-folding seats and continued access to anchoring points, including ISOFIX.

Our Toyota Hilux neoprene seat covers, for example, embody the durability of the Hilux itself, offering reliable protection against the elements. Our Toyota Landcruiser seat covers fit perfectly inside this iconic and unmistakable model. We also have Prado car seat covers, which carefully balance ruggedness with refinement, just like the car itself. Whatever vehicle you have, The Wetseat car seat covers will help your Toyota retain both its stylish look and its resale value.

Why The Wetseat?

Here at The Wetseat, we’re confident we have the right product for you. We take great care to offer products that align with the Australian climate, lifestyle, and way of thinking, catering to extreme heat and considerable wear and tear. If you’re driving back and forth from the beach, you want to be confident that your seats are safe from damp towels and bather bottoms. If you’re frequently camping, you want an easy way to shake out sandy seat covers. And if you’re busy running after your family, you want to make sure your seats won’t suffer from daily spills and rips. All covers are crafted with a sharkskin rubber backing that is safe when fitted to cloth, leather and vinyl seats, ensuring a non-slip grip on your seats. This sharkskin material keeps your seat in premium condition whilst preventing any movement, therefore reducing any potential wear and tear. Whatever your situation, we’ll keep your Toyota’s interiors intact with our amazing seat covers.

Take a Seat—We’ll Take Care Of It

Whether you’re a frequent road tripper or just trekking to work, you need car seat covers—and we’re the ones to give them to you. We have a wide range of covers designed to fit specific brands of vehicles, from Nissan to Ford, Mitsubishi to Isuzu, Mazda to Mercedes and much more. Our friendly staff are happy to help you find your perfect fit. For Toyota brand seat covers and more, shop at The Wetseat today!