Are Wetseat covers airbag compatible?

Yes, by using our specialised manufacturing techniques and utilising advance airbag seam technology, we can manufacture a seat cover that allows the side seat airbag to fully deploy unhindered by the seat cover in the event of a side impact. Alternatively where applicable they are designed to fit around the plastic airbag casing in some vehicles such as the Mitsubishi MN Triton.

We utilise the services of APV Engineering & Testing Services in Victoria to determine airbag deployment times under 3 conditions; ambient temperature, as well as cold & hot extreme temperatures. This is to ensure the seat covers are still airbag compatible at any time and any place within our harsh Australian climate!

Special note: Inland Australia Pty. Ltd., manufacturer of The Wetseat and leading OE Seat Covers, pioneered Side Seat Airbag Compatible Seat Covers back in 1999 during development of the genuine accessory seat cover for the Toyota Avalon!

It is with this expertise of over 24 years producing airbag compatible seat covers and knowledge of how seat airbags deploy that we are confident in every seat cover we make.

At The Wetseat we believe the safety of you and your passengers is paramount, that’s why we incorporate safety into the design of our neoprene seat covers.