Are the seat covers a DIY installation?

Yes, our covers are all generally designed to be an easy to fit accessory. As they are designed to be a snug fit, they can be tricky if you have never fitted seat covers before. Please feel free to contact us about your specific vehicle and we can advise you what’s involved.

We also have some fitting videos on our Installation page here:

As most of our covers are designed in a similar fashion, please watch our videos to gain a better understanding of how to fit your Wetseat covers.

We also have some fitting instructions available that we can send if requested. Please use the blue Help(?) icon on the bottom right of our website to send us an enquiry and we will provide a downloadable instruction if we have one that suits your vehicle. Whilst we have some instructions for the most popular makes and models (Ranger, Hilux, Landcruiser, Amarok, Triton etc), we do not have an instruction for every vehicle out there. Due to the significant overheads (time/cost) associated with producing installation instructions, not all vehicles will have instructions available to be sent. In this case, we do have some generic instructions that we can provide.

Please note that our resellers are all generally equipped to offer a fitting service if you’d prefer to leave it to professional installers. A store specific fee will apply for fitment based on the time taken to fit the covers – please discuss this with your local reseller. To searech for a reseller, please check for your nearest stockist in the Buy In Store section of our website: