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When you’re heading out on your next adventure, you need to make sure that your vehicle is well organised to help make your trip enjoyable. Most of the time that means checking your tyres, fuel, supplies and everything in between, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. While you may have your bags packed and your gear ready to go, you still need it organised inside your car. Because there’s nothing worse than having a huge mess rolling around while you’re trying to enjoy your driving adventure.
Inland has a great range of Storage Solutions for your next driving trip that are specifically designed for in car use. Get organised and get prepared for any trip that comes your way with our car Storage Solutions. Our most popular solutions include our Console Organiser, Seat Organiser and the Cargo Box.

Console Organiser - For full protection along your console, keep your console clean and prevent scuff marks & scratches, with added pockets for additional storage and hands reach!

Seat Organiser - Simply fit it to sit at the back of the front seats for added organisation and storage – perfect for keeping snacks and drinks for the kids on long trips or small essential items like tissues or a First-Aid kit.

Cargo Box - For larger bulkier items, go for the Cargo Box – it’s tough design can hold almost anything and makes for a great organisation solution in the boot or back seat of your car, preventing items from rolling around and getting lost.

Why choose The Wetseat?

100% Australian

100% Australian

We Are Proudly
Australian Owned & Operated

Australian manufacturer

Custom Made

100% Vehicle Specific Covers
Caters for split folds, anchoring points plus more
2nd skin in fit

OEM Quality

OEM Quality

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
OEM Quality Covers @ Retail Prices